About MDF....

My products are laser-cut from 3mm thick Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

MDF is a manufactured hardboard made from the fibres of pulped timbers.
It's widely used in the building industry and has been used in the world
of crafts for many years as products for Folkart and general crafts.

MDF buttons have been around for many years now.
My buttons were designed as accents and features for embroideries, craft, scrapbooking,
cardmaking and quilting projects.  They can be sealed, painted, varnished or coloured
using inks, crayon, chalks and coloured pencils.

More often, people are asking about using the MDF buttons on garments, especially for children.
I would have to say that they are not really suited for clothing, as they should not be washed or left
in a damp environment.  MDF that is wet or left damp will swell and distort.  I don't think MDF
would stand up to the constant wear that a natural  timber button might either.  If properly sealed,
painted and varnished, the buttons would certainly live a longer life on a garment but in the end
would most likely deteriorate.

If you are looking for cute buttons for clothing you might consider that the same buttons are available
cut from 3mm thick acrylic (plastic) in assorted colours.  Pricing varies so please email me :)